Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Our Church is open to parishioners, with social distancing, in accordance with civil requirements. Each attendee is required to 'sign-in' upon entry. Hand sanitizer is available at the door. A face mask is STILL required for entry.  Our max will be about 75 people. 

~~~~The PALM SUNDAY SIGN-UP form will available online Wednesday, April 21st at 9:00AM.~~~~

For an excellent resource to assist you in your family's Lenten journey, please see the NY/NJ Diocesan website . Resources for children, teens and adults!  In addition, please see JourneyToPascha for another great resource on Holy Week services. 

OCA Telegram Channel: You can now receive announcements and updates from the OCA website and social media. Subscribe to it at  To preview the channel, click here:


The Archbishop Lenten Charity Appeal Starting today through Palm Sunday, April 25th, a Special Collection will be held in response to His Eminence, Archbishop Michael's request. The Archbishop Lenten Charity Appeal will support the construction of a much-needed multi-puropse building at St. Andrew's Camp. Please be as generous as you can. You can also give online by selecting the "AB Appeal-St. Andrew's Camp" giving type in   


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The season of Great Lent is the time of preparation for the feast of the Resurrection of Christ. It is the living symbol of man’s entire life which is to be fulfilled in his own resurrection from the dead with Christ. It is a time of renewed devotion: of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It is a time of repentance, a real renewal of our minds, hearts and deeds in conformity with Christ and his teachings. It is the time, most of all, of our return to the great commandments of loving God and our neighbors.

In the Orthodox Church, Great Lent is not a season of morbidity and gloominess. On the contrary, it is a time of joyfulness and purification. We are called to “anoint our faces” and to “cleanse our bodies as we cleanse our souls.” The very first hymns of the very first service of Great Lent set the proper tone of the season:

Let us begin the lenten time with delight . . . let us fast from passions as we fast from food, taking pleasure in the good words of the Spirit, that we may be granted to see the holy passion of Christ our God and his holy Pascha, spiritually rejoicing.

Thy grace has arisen upon us, O Lord, the illumination of our souls has shown forth; behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the time of repentance (Vespers Hymns).

It is our repentance that God desires, not our remorse. We sorrow for our sins, but we do so in the joy of God’s mercy. We mortify our flesh, but we do so in the joy of our resurrection into life everlasting. We make ready for the resurrection during Great Lent, both Christ’s Resurrection and our own.


Reading Over the Tomb Traditionally, Scripture is continually read or chanted on Good Friday and Holy Saturday when Our Lord is in the tomb, represented by the placing of the Plaschanitsa in the center of the Church. A Sign-Up sheet will be available in the vestibule for those who wish to participate in two-hour increments. This will continue Day and Night, so we need many volunteers! Please contact Mike Steffaro (908)812-3671 for any questions. It does not matter if you have read or chanted before. This ministry can be a wonderful family event, full of prayer and quietness before our Pascha celebration.



FOR YOUR INFO: A moving and inspirational video showing the beauty of Orthodoxy can be seen here.The Orthodox Church - A Visual Journey

For Daily Scriptures, Saint of the Day and Sister Vassa podcasts, take a look at our Podcasts page here: Podcasts


SCHEMICK-TOLLS SCHOLARSHIP Since 1996, this scholarship has provided financial assistance to many deserving young people. For requisite qualifications, please see the Bulletin or contact Carol Deerson. Applications are available from Carol and must be submitted by PALM SUNDAY, APRIL 25th. Supplemental materials (reference letters, transcripts, etc) are due by Sunday May 30th. Any questions? Carol can be reached at (732) 254-4979 or You can also donate towards the scholarship fund online by selecting the "Schemick-Tolls Scholarship" giving type in


Palm Sunday/Pascha/ Bright Monday Overflow Plan

For Palm Sunday, Pascha and Archbishop Michael's visit, a Church overflow plan is required due to the number of parishioners allowed in Church vs. the numbers who wish to attend.  We intend to have some outdoor capacity in a tent with sides offering wind protection. Placed on the Linden Avenue side, it will accommodate 20-22 chairs, and a candle stand. Video and Audio will be directly fed from camera and microphones, with NO delay. (i.e., no livestream internet issues) We will utilize a web-based SIGN UP form, similar to last year, on a "First Come- First Served" basis, with remainder in the tent. Fr. David will respond to each form request. In the case of severe weather, we will resort to using the Hall (livestreamed with dedicated hotspot). At this point, our plan is dependent on state, local and Diocesan guidelines/directives.

Sign-Up Sheet for Palm Sunday will be available at 9:00AM on Wed. April 21st. Sign up Sheets for Midnight Pascha Service and Bright Monday Liturgy will be available 9:00AM Mon. April 26th.


If you cannot make it to Church, we are still live-streaming! Our next services will be as follows:

(1) Wed. Apr. 21st @7:00PM    Presanctified Liturgy

(2) Thurs. Apr. 22nd @7:00PM   Sacrament of Holy Unction

(3) Fri. Apr. 23rd @7:00PM    Matins of Lazarus Saturday

(4) Sat. Apr. 24th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Lazarus Saturday

(5) Sat. Apr. 24th @7:00PM   Vigil of Palm Sunday w/Blessing of Willows

(6) Sun. Apr. 25th @9:00AM  Divine Liturgy - PALM SUNDAY

Simply click here: SS. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church , then select the event's title.

While at this time, many of us cannot make an offering in person to help support our Parish, please consider selecting the Donate button to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please also select "Cover Fees" and use your Bank account, in lieu of credit card. (Bank fees are less than card fees.) Your offering can make a real difference to the Parish during this challenging time. Thank you for your continued stewardship. 


If viewing from Mobile Device Click: Here for Upcoming Events

See Monthly Calendar for this week's Services.


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The Upcoming Week's Lenten Confession schedule can be found in the bulletin OR by clicking here: Monthly Calendar.  By appointment only. Call or email Fr. David( Please do not wait until Holy Week!

The Sacrament of Holy Unction will be celebrated on  Thursday, Apr. 22, at 7:00PM, followed by Oil Annointment for healing. NOTE: Those who are not regular communicants must prepare to receive Holy Unction by first going to Holy Confession.

Church Cleanup Days:

In preparation for Pascha, there will be two Church Cleanup Days. (1) Thursday April 22nd from 2-6PM and (2) Lazarus Saturday, April 24th after Liturgy at about 10:30AM. Please chip in to help beautiful the Church before Pascha. We will also need help putting up the tent, chairs and AV equipment. Many hands make for light work! Thank you!!! Please contact Fr. David if you can come either day.

Upcoming Parish Live-Streamed Services:

(1) Wed. Apr. 21st @7:00PM    Presanctified Liturgy

(2) Thurs. Apr. 22nd @7:00PM   Sacrament of Holy Unction

(3) Fri. Apr. 23rd @7:00PM    Matins of Lazarus Saturday

(4) Sat. Apr. 24th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Lazarus Saturday

(5) Sat. Apr. 24th @7:00PM   Vigil of Palm Sunday w/Blessing of Willows

(6) Sun. Apr. 25th @9:00AM  Divine Liturgy - PALM SUNDAY


Archbishop MICHAEL's Paschal Visitation will be on Bright Monday, May 3rd.

Memorial (Soul) Saturdays: Jun 19, and Oct. 23.

Wednesday, April 21st
6:00 Confessions (By Appt)
7:00 Liturgy PreSanctified Gifts
Thursday, April 22nd
6:00 Cpnfessions (By Appt)
7:00 Sacrament of Holy Unction
Friday, April 23rd
6:00 Confessions (By Appt)
7:00 Matins of Lazarus Saturday
Saturday, April 24th
Lazarus Saturday
5:00 Confessions (By Appt)
7:00 Vigil of Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 25th
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Monday, April 26th
7:00 Bridegroom Matins
Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church / South River, NJ / 732-257-0102