Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Our Church is open to parishioners, with social distancing in accordance with civil requirements.  In addition, for any capacity overflow, we will live-stream in the hall.  Each attendee is required to 'sign-in' upon entry. Hand sanitizer is available at the door. A face mask is STILL required for entry. NOTE: Parishioners who are in "at-risk" groups (existing medical conditions, in the same household as people "at-risk", or advanced age) should NOT attend services. On this matter, erring on the side of caution is the proper course. 

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FOR YOUR INFO: A moving and inspirational video showing the beauty of Orthodoxy can be seen here.The Orthodox Church - A Visual Journey

For Daily Scriptures, Saint of the Day and Sister Vassa podcasts, take a look at our Podcasts page here: Podcasts


If you cannot make it to Church, we are still live-streaming! Our next services will be as follows:

(1) Sat. Jan. 23rd @7:00PM   Vespers

(2) Sun. Jan. 24th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - 33rd Sunday after Pentecost - Synaxis of the Holy Newmartyrs and Confessors of Russia

Simply click here: SS. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church , then select the event's title.

While at this time, many of us cannot make an offering in person to help support our Parish, please consider selecting the Donate button to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please also select "Cover Fees" and use your Bank account, in lieu of credit card. (Bank fees are less than card fees.) Your offering can make a real difference to the Parish during this challenging time. Thank you. NOTE: We will keep the "Christmas" Offering Giving Type for this week. Thank you for your continued stewardship. 


If viewing from Mobile Device Click: Here for Upcoming Events

See Monthly Calendar for this week's Services.

Fr. David: 6/13/20 Parish Reopening
Fr. David: 6/26/20 Reopening Update

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January 10, 2021

Upcoming Events

Mon. Jan. 18th - 10AM-2PM - South River Day of Prayer (At 12:00 noon, the Akathist "Glory to God for All Things" will be read. The South River Council of Congregation has blessed this Day of Prayer. All houses of worship in the township will be open for prayer and meditation from 10AM - 2PM.

Tues Jan. 19th - 7:00PM Choir Rehearsal  via Zoom, featuring Dr. Peter Boutenoff of St. Vladimir's Seminary. You need NOT be a Choir member to attend. Please contact Basil ( if you wish to attend.

Sun. Jan. 24th - 8:00PM - Free Webinar hosted by the Antiochian Department of Missions and Evangelism, entitled "How to Invite Someone to Church". Please visit to register.

The Annual Youth & Camp Workers Conference, co-hosted by the OCA and the OYDNA will be held virtually via Zoom on Thurs-Fri Jan 28-29.  For more details and to sign up, visit or email Danielle Geeza at .

House Blessings (1/3/21 Update): It is traditional to have our homes blessed during the Season of Theophany. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, the Diocese has decided to POSTPONE ALL HOUSE BLESSINGS this year, until sometime after Holy Pascha.

2021 Church Calendars for your home or office are still available FREE at the Candle Desk. Or...please email Fr. David or call the office, and one will be mailed to you.

Confessions will be heard in Church by Fr. David  every Saturday from 6:00 - 6:30PM. (By appt. ONLY. ) Please contact Fr. David via email ( or by phone.

Upcoming Parish Live-Streamed Services:

(1) Sat. Jan. 23rd @7:00PM   Vespers

(2) Sun. Jan. 24th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - 33rd Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday, January 23rd
6:00 Confessions (By Appt)
7:00 Vespers
Sunday, January 24th
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Saturday, January 30th
Three Holy Hierarchs
6:00 Confessions (By Appt)
7:00 Vespers
Sunday, January 31st
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church / South River, NJ / 732-257-0102