Weekend of June 1-2 - 06/01/19

The weekend of June 1st and 2nd was a very busy one. On Saturday, June 1st, we were blessed with a presentation by Bill Marianes on Church Stewardship and Ministries. Thanks to Bill for all of his insight!

On Sunday, June 2nd, we were again blessed with the final reports of two of our Church School students, Katherine Illenye whose report was on Saint Xenia, and Andrew Steffaro whose report was on Saint Andrew. Congratulations to both of them for completing their studies!

After that, the Parish met in the Hall for our Annual meeting, led by Starista Jim Kornafel, Treasurer Tania Davis, Fr. David, and the Church Council. All is well! The budget was approved, and we are blessed with a wonderfully active and vibrant parish! 

Finally, the R-Club Rib Cookoff returned as a smashing success. Four of the Parish's finest chefs competed. Congratulations to the 2019 winner - Janusz Naumiuk (or is it Yanos?.. who knows!) for winning on his inaugural attempt.