Pentecost Talent Show - 06/16/19

The Holy Spirit descended upon our Church today in the form of both food and entertainment! First, we had the Taste of the Parish where dishes from around the world were displayed and eaten. What a dsiplay it was! Next, our Church school youth entertained us with an on-stage Talent Show. The Event was hosted by Andrew Steffaro. Nine of our youth participated.. (See the talent show green program in the pictures for a list of names and their talent. Sadly, due to technical difficulties, Alex and Greg could got play their saxes for us today.. However, Nia Lomjaria stepped up as a late replacement and dazzled us with her piano playing! Thanks Jakub Pieniazek, Alexander Pieniazek, Nia Lomjaria, Sophia Jaworuk, Sophia Mekmeb, Sebastian Deerson, Sara Jaworuk, Veronica Jaworuk and Arianna Steffaro. AND.. thanks to Allison Steffaro and Basil Kozak for coordination and background guitar! (Allison, your mini-xylophone talent was second to none... probably because we never heard anyone else play one before!)