Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul Weekend - 06/29/19

Another busy weekend at Ss. Peter and Paul... The Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul commenced with Vespers on Friday evening, followed by Liturgy on Saturday morning. Afterward, a potluck luncheon was held in the hall.

On Sunday, Vladislaw Kachur completed his Church School final essay with a presentation on St. Vladimir. Congrats and Nice Job!

Lastly, the 2019 installment of the Parsih Council was made in the Church with the swearing in of the following members: Congratualations to Starista James Kornafel, First Asst. Starista Hank Dziemian, 2nd Asst. Starista Jay Pelleriti, Recording Secretary Stacia Essl, Sonya Harris, Mike Steffaro, Deb Silowka, Lena Illenya, Paula Mindzak, Karen Berezniak, Greg Berezniak and Phil Rogozenski.